Quick Release Valve

Bromic Gas Quick Release Valve

In order to use your Bromic Gas Heater, a qualified gas installer, registered on SAQCC, must install a quick release adapter. This will in turn connect to either EgoliGas’s Natual Gas Supply Network or your LPG Gas bottles, housed outside your premises. It is not possible to connect this appliance directly into the network.

A quick release adaptor makes it easy for the gas heater to be connected and disconnected. The heater can then be moved to an alternative room or even to be stored away during the summer months. However, this heater may not be installed in a bathroom or bedroom as it does not have a vent or flue to expel used gases outside.

There are 2 different fittings available:
– The Standard fitting size of 1/2″ and a 
– Recessed Fitting

Install with adequate ventilation

Ensure that your Bromic Gas Heater is installed in an area with adequate ventilation. this may mean that you need to keep a window or door slightly open, fro additional fresh air. Never install a heater in a confined space, that has a volume less than 5 cubic metres. Contracry to belief, flueless heaters actually add moisture to the air. Should teh heater be isntalled in a room without adequate ventilation mildew may form from too much moisure.

Bromic Heaters are designed to be placed on the floor only but should not be placed in high traffic, windy or draft areas.

Quick release valves can ONLY be installed by qualified gas installers.

Should you need the name of an installer that has installed one of our heaters before, send us a message and we can recommend some in your area: