Do portable gas heaters need servicing?

As with all gas appliances, it is recommended that you follow any maintenance and care guides provided with the appliance, or available from the manufacturer’s website, regularly. However, we recommend getting your portable heater serviced periodically, by a qualified technician. In the first instance, contact the person that installed your gas appliance. If they cannot assist you, contact Bromic SA directly for further assistance.

Annual Maintenance

It is always advisable to check a gas appliance that has not been used for a while. This may include:

  • Replacing the ignitor battery
  • Checking the hose for any wear and tear
  • Checking for leaks
  • If this is your only gas appliance, ensure that you have a gas supply – if using LPG check that the gas bottles are full.
  • Ensure that the regulators are correctly attached and that the valves are open.

Should your heater not work correctly the first time, follow the troubleshooting guides that came with the owner’s manual for your gas powered heater.


How to get your portable gas heater serviced

In the first instance, contact your qualified gas installer or the place you
purchased your Bromic Gas Heater from. Follow any instructions they may give

You may need to take your portable gas heater to your nearest service
centre. Simply unclick the heater from the Quick Release adaptor for
transportation. Do not lie the heater flat, it must always remain on its feet.

Should you have a maintenance or service question about your Bromic Gas
Space Heater, contact your installer or Bromic South Africa.