Bromic Gas Heaters South Africa

Launched in winter of 2021 in South Africa, the Bromic SupaheatTM II Series is a compact, powerful, highly efficient gas space heating solution. Perfect for heating up living areas and small office spaces, of approximately 46 – 66 sqm. The 2 step heat control system uses utilises natural convection heating, to heat up space quickly and efficiently.

Bromic supaheat ii front view

Bromic Gas Heater’s Features and Benefits

The Bromic flueless Supaheat™ II indoor gas heater is specifically designed to heat up rooms in your living area, instantly and efficiently.

Easy Ignition

The Supaheat II uses a one-touch battery igniter system. This means no matches or any other electric sources are needed to light it. The ignition system requires a “C” size 1.5V  battery to operate.

Flame Failure Safety Device

If the flame is extinguished for any reason, the gas supply will shut off automatically.

2 Step Heat Control

The 2 step heat control allows you to easily adjust the heat to the right temperature. The minimum heat setting has 3 heating tiles glowing, while the maximum heat setting uses 6.

Safety Tilt Switch

If the unit gets knocked over or tilted, the heater will turn off automatically.

Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) Safety Device

If the normal air oxygen content in the room is reduced below a safe level, the ODS pilot shuts off  the heater.

Available in LPG or Natural Gas

With high-efficiency energy ratings for both.

Model SupaheatTM II LPG  SupaheatTM II Natural Gas
InstallationIndoor InstallationIndoor Installation
(H x W x D) mm
530 x 620 x 280530 x 620 x 280
Weight – kg1111
Energy Star Rating
(AS/NZ 5263.1.3)
Output – kW5.35.9
Heat Output – MJ/Hr2118
Electric IgnitionYesYes
Flame Failure Safety DeviceYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
Bromic Gas Heater – LPG Gas Rating
Bromic Gas Heater – Natural Gas Rating

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